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Click the link with the arrow to contribute to the specified fund. If recurring donations have been set up for a fund, a "Schedule Donation" link will appear for that fund. Click the Schedule Donation link to make a recurring donation.
This fund has been established in honor of Dr. Peter Dawson for his extraordinary contributions to the advancement of the science and practice of dentistry - to provide funds to help make the Annual Scientific Session of the AES one of the very finest in dentistry. It is intended to provide a designated fund for members, the dental industry and other supportive parties to make tax deductible contributions to honor Dr. Dawson in support our programs and pedagogy being the most relevant, valuable, advanced, multi-disciplinary and exciting in the profession; thereby, allowing our members and guests to serve their patients at the very highest level of care.
A restricted fund to support the poster committee in developing poster presentations and support of poster presenters at the AES annual scientific meeting. A donation to this fund may be tax deductible please check with your tax professional.
A restricted fund to support research in the areas of occlusion, TMD, orofacial pain, and the associated disciplines. The SIC actively solicits projects worthy of funding. A donation to this fund may be tax deductible please check with your tax professional